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Important Note to DNS2Go Users in China and Vietnam.

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DNS2Go Basic Account Basic
DNS2Go 1-Year License Single DomainSingle Domain$29.95
DNS2Go 1-Year License 3 Domains3 Domains$49.95
DNS2Go 1-Year License 6 Domains6 Domains$79.95
DNS2Go 1-Year License 12 Domains12 Domains$109.95
DNS2Go 1-Year License 25 Domains25 Domains$149.95
DNS2Go 1-Year License 50 Domains50 Domains$249.95
DNS2Go 2-Year License Single DomainSingle Domain$39.95
DNS2Go 2-Year License 3 Domains3 Domains$79.95
DNS2Go 2-Year License 6 Domains6 Domains$127.95
DNS2Go 2-Year License 12 Domains12 Domains$175.95
DNS2Go 2-Year License 25 Domains25 Domains$239.95
DNS2Go 2-Year License 50 Domains50 Domains$399.95

DNS2Go Professional Account
DNS2Go 1-Year Professional License Single DomainSingle Domain$44.95
DNS2Go 1-Year Professional License 3 Domains3 Domains$79.95
DNS2Go 1-Year Professional License 6 Domains6 Domains$109.98
DNS2Go 1-Year Professional License 12 Domains12 Domains$199.95
DNS2Go 1-Year Professional License 25 Domains25 Domains$299.95
DNS2Go 1-Year Professional License 50 Domains50 Domains$499.95
DNS2Go 2-Year Professional License Single DomainSingle Domain$71.95
DNS2Go 2-Year Professional License 3 Domains3 Domains$127.95
DNS2Go 2-Year Professional License 6 Domains6 Domains$175.90
DNS2Go 2-Year Professional License 12 Domains12 Domains$319.95
DNS2Go 2-Year Professional License 25 Domains25 Domains$479.95
DNS2Go 2-Year Professional License 50 Domains50 Domains$799.95

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