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Please enter your registration key for a list of available upgrade options. You can find your registration information in Mailscan by :-
1. Open Windows Explorer. This is usually located under Start / Programs, or
    Start / Programs / Accessories.
2. Navigate to the MailScan directory.
    A. MailScan for MDeamon is typically located at C:\Program Files\MailScan\.
    B. VisNetic MailScan for SMTP or MailScan for VisNetic MailServer are typically located
    at C:\Program Files\\VisNetic MailScan
3. Open the MailScan.ini file.
4. Your license key is located in the Key= field. You may need to search on the keyword
  ‘key’ to find this field.
5. Copy the license key.
        Highlight the license key.
        Right click on the license key, (in the blue highlighted area) and select Copy.
        Right click on the license key field in the online form, and select Paste

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